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What is the average revenue of a bookstore?

The average monthly revenue for a bookstore can range between $2,000 and $25,000. Let's delve into the details.

You can also estimate your own revenue, using different assumptions, with our financial plan for a bookstore.

Case 1: A quaint, second-hand bookstore in a quiet town

Average monthly revenue: $2,000

This type of bookstore is often found in smaller towns or suburban areas. It may offer a collection of used books, and rely mostly on local regulars or occasional visitors.

Such bookstores might not have the latest releases, but they have a charm of their own and often become a cozy hub for bibliophiles in the community.

Considering an average book price of $10, and selling around 200 books per month, the monthly revenue of this bookstore would come to $2,000.

Case 2: A modern bookstore in a city center with a coffee shop

Average monthly revenue: $12,000

This bookstore is strategically located in a bustling city center, and is not just a place to buy books but also a spot to relax, read, and sip coffee.

The combination of a bookstore with a coffee shop has become a popular concept in recent years. It attracts a diverse clientele, from students and professionals to tourists.

Apart from selling books, this establishment also offers other merchandise like stationery, bookmarks, and perhaps reading-related apparel. The added revenue from the coffee shop can be a significant boost to the total monthly income.

With an average book price of $15 and selling around 500 books, combined with an additional $5,000 from coffee and other merchandise, this bookstore can generate a monthly revenue of $12,000.

Case 3: A high-end, flagship bookstore with exclusive events and signings

Average monthly revenue: $25,000

This is the bookstore everyone talks about—a place that hosts authors for book signings, exclusive events, workshops, and more.

This bookstore offers a curated collection of books, often including limited editions, collector’s items, and international bestsellers. It's not just a place to purchase books but an experience in itself.

Along with selling books, this bookstore may have a premium café or restaurant, offer personalized book recommendations, and provide memberships with special perks for regular customers.

Given the exclusivity and diverse offerings, the books might be priced higher, averaging around $20. Selling 1,000 books a month, combined with an additional $5,000 from events, memberships, and the café, this bookstore can generate a remarkable monthly revenue of $25,000.

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