A free financial plan example

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What can you find in our financial plans?

ejemplo gratuito plan financiero

Here is free example of a financial forecast and here is how it works.

Please note: This example financial forecast does not contain formulas, so if you change the assumptions, the formulas will not update automatically, and the financial results will not change.

The purpose here is to show you what you can find in our actual financial plans.

hacer un plan financiero

"ReadMe" Tab

This is the first tab of this financial plan.

Here you will find all the necessary explanations to understand how to use the financial plan.

Please take the time to read it.

xls plan financiero ejemplo

"Assumptions" Tab

This is the only tab where you need to make modifications. It's very easy and all our customers were able to use it. It will take a few minutes, and if you need assistance, please contact us.

This tab contains all the assumptions pre-filled for your project: revenues, expenses, hires, etc.

It is your responsibility to modify them.

There are only numbers to change. You can modify them as many times as you wish.

plan negocios pdf

"Checks" Tab

This tab indicates whether your assumptions are correct or not.

It helps you correct anything that is not accurate so that you can present a thorough financial analysis to your bankers and investors.

It updates every time you modify the assumptions (like the rest of the financial plan).

descargar plan financiero

Once you have finished filling out and correcting your assumptions, you have several options:
- Copy/paste the tables into your business plan.
- Take a screenshot and add the tables to your business plan.
- Report the numbers obtained in the tables to one of our business plan templates that you have downloaded.

Of course, you can also print them.

Below, we will explain what you can find in our financial plans.


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What does this financial plan include?

plan financiero pdf

"Break-Even" Tab

This tab will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate the profitability potential of your business project.

It will indicate how much revenue you need to generate in order to be profitable and how long it will take to achieve it.

plan financiero xls

"Funding Plan" Tab

A table that should be part of your financial analysis.

The projected funding plan lists, on one hand, the investments needed to launch the business activity, and on the other hand, the resources mobilized to finance these needs.

simulacion financiera ejemplo

"WCR" Tab

It provides information about your company's ability to meet its short-term financial obligations.

prevision financiera ejemplo

"Intermediate Income Statements" Tab

In summary, these are performance indicators for your future company.

excel analisis financiera gratuita

"Ratios and Charts" Tab

These financial ratios and graphs make it easier to interpret the financial results.

They will provide you and your investors with a clear and instant view of important financial indicators.

plan financiero excel

"Profit and Loss Statement" Tab

These financial ratios and charts make it easier to interpret the financial results.

They will allow you and your investors to have a clear and instant view of important financial indicators.

excel financiero gratuito

"Provisional Budget" Tab

A table to analyze and track cash movements.

The cash balance (which is an indicator of the cash budget) is the money that remains at the end of each period.

ejemplo plan financiero

"Balance Sheet" Tab

The projected balance sheet is a "snapshot" of your company at a specific point in the future.

It shows the resources of the company (the assets), as well as the elements that financed these resources (the liabilities).